Pay at table technology for Restaurants

Pay at the table or pay at table technology is a new feature for restaurant owners to use technologies to their advantage and reduce the time spent by staff collecting payments from customers.
Pay at table or order and pay technology comes with the new electro POS systems and it gives the customers the ability to order their food and pay at the same time without the help of any staff.

A Complete guide for improve Fine dining service

Fine dine restaurant or fine dining restaurant is a shape of restaurant that has a more luxurious and almost breath-taking environment. Fine dining service and experience is beyond casual restaurants and compared to other restaurants, a fine dining restaurant has better quality in foods and ingredients. Even the design and dishware are different from casual restaurants and they come in better shape and quality.

Restaurant equipment; the most complete list

Starting a restaurant business requires all kinds of restaurant equipment that you are going to need when growing your business stronger. If you decided to refurbish your current restaurant business, you’re going to need a list of the most important equipment for restaurants.
We have made a complete list of restaurant equipment naming every tool that you are going to need!

Digital Menus and Incredible Benefits For Restaurants

Digital menus for restaurants or electronic menus are digital copies of the physical menus. With the popularity of smartphones and digital gadgets, businesses are trying to keep up with the technology too.
One benefits of Digital menus is that they are accessible via phones and tablets or any other digital gadget. Restaurant digital menus work just like the old paper menu and are even better in a lot of situations.

Prime and Easy Steps to Start a Small Restaurant

Opening a restaurant is one of the best jobs that every food lover has dreamed about at some point. Starting a small restaurant can be a hard job, but with the right plan and following the steps you can start your own restaurant without any problems.
We tried to make the perfect plan about how to open a restaurant with the easiest steps to follow. Starting strong is the key to a successful business and if you are eager to learn about how to open a small restaurant, simply follow the steps that we have gathered to have the most amazing start on your restaurant business.

Innovate Steps for Increase Restaurant Sales

Increasing restaurant sales is one of the most important goals of every restaurant manager. Besides that, it’s crucial to have your sales at the top point. Having high sales for your restaurant could bring you the needed profit to expand your business and customer base.
Restaurant sales could depend on many factors and each one of them has a huge impact on your restaurant’s sales. We tried to put together some of the most useful tips about how to increase the sales of your restaurant and also attract more customers.

Trends in Restaurant Technologies that Improves Your Work

Restaurant technologies have been growing in popularity in the food industry in the past few years. The restaurant industry traditionally has been slow when adopting technologies, but with the revelation of tech, they tried to adopt themselves in many ways.
Technology for restaurants helps them to improve the way they work. With the help of technology and hardware, the restaurant business has found a new door to the future of the food industry.

Tips To Manage and Reduce Restaurant Food Waste

Food waste in restaurants has been turning into a huge matter in the food industry. The amount of food that’s wasted in restaurants is growing each day and the numbers are enormous. The average amount of restaurant food waste generated each year is around 22 to 33 billion pounds and the restaurant industry loses about $162 billion annually.

Food Trucks Popularity and 8 Types Of Them

Food cars and Food trucks have been around since the 50s and early 60s and they are a huge part of the food industry and restaurant business. Fast food trucks have been a huge hit since the beginning and with the mobility of the trucks they are easier to access for tourists and customers.