POS system pricing and plans for restaurants

POS System Pricing

Buying a restaurant POS system with a fair amount of pos system pricing and plans has lots of benefits for your business and can be a huge update for your ways of running a business. Choosing a reliable POS system can be hard and time-consuming so we tried to provide a simple guide for buying the best POS system with a reasonable price available in the market.

DirectDay Restaurant POS system pricing

A restaurant POS system does a variety of actions with the help of hardware and software combined with it.

DirectDay POS system has both devices and apps that are needed when it comes to managing a business with the help of POS systems. The POS system price or cost for a restaurant hugely depends on the plan that you choose. While choosing a plan from DirectDay, you can buy a bundle of our devices that you need, and the apps that we have available come with a monthly charge.

DirectDay POS Hardware

POS Hardware is the device that is used with a POS system. A series of devices that come together by your POS system.

Front of the house (FOH)

The front of the house is the most important place in a restaurant and it needs to be operating perfectly. In order to do that, you need a series of equipment for both your staff and your establishment. DirectDay POS group has a selection of services that are needed in your front of the house.

Back of the house (BOH)

Back of the house is the place where you can show your true quality at running a restaurant business and to do that, you need some devices to help you bring up the efficiency and speed. DirectDay POS group has the equipment needed for that matter such as kitchen display.

DirectDay POS software

POS software means the apps that are used with the devices. DirectDay POS has its apps available for free after purchasing your first POS system package which you can try ordering now!

In addition to that, the DirectDay POS group also has a web design service and Citymenu app which you can order off-plan.


When it comes to trying to use a POS system and considering the POS system pricing and cost, it’s normal to try using a demo version of it. But keep in mind that the differences are significant between free and paid POS systems. DirectDay POS group has both of the options available for business owners.

Free POS system plan

DirectDay has different plans that include a free plan too. Using our pos system free plan can give you access to apps that are used with a POS system and you can also use them on your own POS system if you already own one. These services are usable with 1 device and up to 20 orders per day. You can try DirectDay free plans now and free of charge.

Paid POS system plan

Having a paid POS system can give you some amazing perks that help you expand your business. DirectDay paid POS plans have some benefits over free plans which include usable with more devices, unlimited orders per day, and multilingual menus. Also, there are two kinds of paid plans available at DirectDay, Standard plan, and Premium plan, So you can choose from them.



  • 1 Device
  • Up to 20 orders a day
  • Admin panel to set or change your menu
  • No Support




  • 1 Up to 5 Devices
  • Multilingual Menu
  • Admin panel to set or change your menu
  • Support



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  • More Than 5 Devices
  • Multilingual Menu
  • Admin panel to set or change your menu
  • Support

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