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A Complete guide for improve Fine dining service

Published on 25/06/2023



8 steps to improve fine dining service in your restaurant

Fine dine restaurant or fine dining restaurant is a shape of restaurant that has a more luxurious and almost breath-taking environment. Fine dining service and experience is beyond casual restaurants and compared to other restaurants, a fine dining restaurant has better quality in foods and ingredients. Even the design and dishware are different from casual restaurants and they come in better shape and quality.

How to be a Fine dining server

Fine dining servers are highly trained individuals that know their way around the job. Fine dining servers have more experience compared to casual restaurants. In order to be an experienced fine dining server you need to work as a server in different restaurants and learn how to use different equipment. Communication and manners of a fine dining server are on another level and like the environment of these restaurants you need to be perfect too.

Steps of fine dining service

fine dining service steps

As said before, fine dining restaurants are made to be perfect in every aspect. That is why presenting your front-of-house service and performance is one the most essential parts of your service. In addition to the best quality of your meals and ingredients, the uniqueness of your serving and the manners of your staff is essential too, and it’s one of the reasons to keep the customers coming back. We made a list of steps on how to improve your service’s quality as a fine dining restaurant.


One of the best experiences that customers enjoy is reservations. Reducing the wait time can improve the customer satisfaction a lot and that is the point of having a fine dining restaurant with amazing service. Well-trained staff should always be aware of their tone of speech and always answer calls from customers respectfully without any problems.

Greeting guests

Welcoming guests at a fine dining restaurant is one of the most important steps of service. The first interaction with fine dining has the most important effect on customer satisfaction. Staff should always greet their guests with respect and consideration so they can get the first taste of a fine dining restaurant.

Seating guests

A fine dining restaurant should always be aware of the capacity and tables. Customers should not be kept waiting even if they didn’t have a reservation for their night. It’s always handy to write the names on the reserved tables to save yourself time and less time spent on seating guests.

Menu presentation and ordering

After inviting guests to seat, you need to present your menu in the least time spent possible. Using digital menus is one of the best ways of presenting your menu and it would put your restaurant at a higher level. Naming specials is crucial if you’re trying to advertise your high-seller dishes that most customers enjoyed.

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proper way to serve food

After ordering, dishes should be served as soon as possible. It’s always best to serve them in the right order and everyone should be served their dish at the same time or else it would be inappropriate. Always keep in mind that depending on the dishes, you need to choose the correct dishware, glasses, and silverware.

Checking up

Checking on guests is another crucial task to do. It can be a huge help to fix any problem that your guests might be having. Try not to overdo it at the same time because it might lead to dissatisfaction among your guests. Check-ups give the feeling that you have standards for your business and most of the customers would consider it pleasing.

Taking the payment

Presenting the cheque is considered a formal process to be done in fine dining restaurants. Guests should be asking for the cheque rather than staff bringing it to the table because it gives the feeling that they are not welcome to stay longer and they have to leave unwillingly. It is always best to use a waiter booklet to present the cheque rather than handing it over to guests and taking money by your hands directly.


Collecting feedback from guests is the end of fine dining service and a rather important step. You can ask your guests about your performance and the quality of your dishes. Keep in mind that feedbacks are the key to your success and don’t take anything personally as your guests are trying to help you to improve your business. After collecting feedback, if guests were unsatisfied with anything you as a business owner should be in charge of fixing it and apologizing to your customers.

Depending on the type of your business, there are a few types of service that you need to follow correctly to meet the needed standards.

  • Table service
  • Assisted service
  • Self-service
  • Single point service
  • Special service

Most fine dining restaurants tend to use the best quality ingredients to make the highest quality dishes in a luxurious environment to give the customers a different type of experience.

Although it might differ from place to place, but there are a few common types of table services that every business owner should know.

  • Informal silver service
  • Formal silver service
  • Russian service
  • English service
  • French service
  • American service

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