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Digital Menus and Incredible Benefits For Restaurants

Published on 25/05/2023



Digital menus for restaurants; features, benefits, and disadvantages

Digital menus for restaurants or electronic menus are digital copies of the physical menus. With the popularity of smartphones and digital gadgets, businesses are trying to keep up with the technology too.

One benefit of Digital menus is that they are accessible via phones and tablets or any other digital gadget. Restaurant digital menus work just like the old paper menu and are even better in a lot of situations.

Digital menu features

There are lots of advantages to using a digital menu over a paper menu. Not only do they look more futuristic they are also much more useful than they seem. We tried to make a list of the most interesting and useful features of digital menus.

Customizable features

There is no limitation on how you like to make your menu. You can use any style or any design that you like to show off your dishes. This feature can help you to get ahead of others in the competition!

Easy to change the prices

Another useful feature of digital menus is that you can change the prices of each item with just a touch. This feature will always come in handy, especially on crowded nights!

Improved ordering

As previously said, digital menus are not just a menu to display items, they are far more than that. Customers can use digital menus to order for themselves and that means less work-force and more accurate orders. The chances of wrong items in each order are down to zero and besides that, if there is a change in order you will know about it immediately.

Data collection

Digital menus can collect data for you. You can see orders for each table, the payment method they used, and ratings. Customers can rate your service and dishes or even write any dissatisfaction or suggestion they have.

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Benefits of digital menu boards

Digital menu boards are mostly used at quick-service restaurants but that is not their only use. They can be used to advertise dishes and items in any other restaurant. Here are some benefits of using a digital menu board in your restaurant.

Faster service with a digital menu in the restaurant

If you running a quick-service restaurant it’s necessary to have the fastest service possible. Digital menu boards will help you achieve that by displaying your menu so your customers can order their items faster and more easily.

Reducing the wait time

After ordering, customers usually have to wait for their dishes to be prepared by the kitchen, and in the meanwhile, digital menu boards keep the customers busy. With more interesting design and bright colors, your customers will be more drawn to the digital menu board and waiting gets easier for them.

More purchases on digital menus

Digital menus steal the attention of customers way more quickly than old chalkboards. Digital menu boards have improved sales by a staggering 30%. Compared to old menu boards, digital menu boards can fit way more items on them and not only texts but pictures, videos, and special animated content. Digital menus also can promote and advertise your specials and top seller dishes so your customers can try them too.

Mesmerizing scenery

Digital menus are the first thing that you will notice while walking into a restaurant that uses them. With stunning pictures and videos, they can easily draw the attention of customers to them. They are also nice items that you can use around your restaurant environment to keep the customers busy. Digital menu boards also can act like digital photo frames and display your best dishes.

Easier to manage

Compare to the old chalk menu boards, digital menu board is way much easier to manage. Changing something on them takes seconds to complete. Updating your menu is necessary if you want to keep up with the food trends and you need the right equipment to do that. Prices, dishes, and specials might get changed or replaced several times in a day and digital menu boards are the right tool for the job and they definitely are a treat to work with.

Automatic menu changing

Most restaurants have different menus for each time of the day and changing them manually can be time-consuming so that is why you need a digital menu board to do that for you automatically. With the dayparting feature, digital menu boards can have the 3 different menus to show in a day. With this useful feature, you won’t get worried about the wrong menu showing on your screen.

Promote with schedule

Digital menu boards have the ability to show your specials and time-limited items at the scheduled time. If you have a seasonal item plan, your digital menu board will automatically display that special deal at the right time. You won’t miss the chance to promote the right items by using a digital menu board.

Advantages and disadvantages of digital menu

Compared to paper menus, digital menus are considered a huge upgrade for restaurants and digital menus will provide you with more features. But just like every other technology, digital menus have pros and cons too.


  • Saving time and resources
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Sales improvement for restaurants

Digital menus are one of the best technologies that you can use in your restaurant. They help with your sales numbers and customers will love having them around. But as expected they have their cons too.


  • Unhappy staff
  • Added expenses
  • Electricity bills

Most likely your staff are not going to be happy if their job gets done by something else. Although it’s satisfying for customers to order for themselves, your waiters might get jealous of your new digital menu! The cost of changing to digital menus might be a little expensive for some owners and you might need to consider it twice before buying digital menus. It’s true that digital menus work with batteries but they will going to need recharging and that might affect your electricity bills.

The most important benefits of digital menus are that they improve the sales in your restaurant, cause customer satisfaction, and they are easier to work with.

Digital menus are one of the best solutions for restaurants to use less paper. Also, customers will experience a new type of service that results in pure customer satisfaction.

They will help you to attract new customers and increase your sales. Also, they are one of the great ways to satisfy your current customers.


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