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Innovate Steps for Increase Restaurant Sales

Published on 18/05/2023



9 Steps to Increase Restaurant Sales and Customers Satisfaction

Increasing restaurant sales is one of the most important goals of every restaurant manager. Besides that, it’s crucial to have your sales at the top point. Having high sales for your restaurant could bring you the needed profit to expand your business and customer base.

Restaurant sales could depend on many factors and each one of them has a huge impact on your restaurant’s sales. We tried to put together some of the most useful tips about how to increase the sales of your restaurant and also attract more customers.

Action plan to increase sales in a restaurant

When it comes to increasing sales in restaurants, you’ll need the perfect plan in order to do that. The action plans for increasing the sales in your restaurant are the best kind of plan that you’re going to need and we’re here to break it down for you!

Increasing the speed of your service

One of the most important steps in increasing sales is improving the speed of your service. Increasing the speed of your service can be done in many ways but the most effective way to do that is using restaurant technologies. One of the most used restaurant technologies is a POS system or an electronic POS system. POS system is the key equipment for increasing the speed of service and is one of the must-have tools in every restaurant.

If you’re struggling with the speed of your services, it’s time to try the DirectDay POS system that connects your Counter orders and Waiter orders to the Kitchen display system! Try ordering your new electronic POS system right now. A totally Free-plan is available to give you a better insight into how the POS system works!

Optimize your menu to increase restaurant sales

Having a menu with all sorts of dishes and desserts or starters definitely helps with your sales. A bigger selection of menu will always suit more appetites and therefore it results in more sales. Outdated food is another reason for having low sales so if you struggling with the old items on your menu, it’s time for changing them and replacing them with the new dishes that are trending.

Throwing a themed event

When building up a reputation in a community, hosting a themed event is one of the best ways to do that. Inviting guests from each corner of your city or your neighborhood build up a strong connection between your community and your restaurant. Words would go around quickly if you manage to pull off a fun and amazing themed event!

Social media presence

Self-promoting on social media is one of the easiest ways to increase your restaurant sales. By producing interesting content about you and your restaurant business, you can gather lots of fans or future customers. Promoting your specials and favorite dishes is another step of self-promoting on social media. This way your customers can get a better picture of your restaurant. More satisfied costumer means higher sales.

Selling branded products

If you’re starting a small business, selling branded products can be a smart way to advertise your business. Small samples of your products can be a way to increase your sales and your customer base. For example, if you are running a coffee shop or bakery you can make cupcakes or premade coffee to get your name out there!

Partner up with popular delivery services

A lot of customers prefer to enjoy their night at the house and order their meals online. Online ordering services are growing more popular in the restaurant businesses and most of the successful restaurants are using online delivery services to expand their business. Partnering up with online delivery apps could have a huge impact on your sales.

Smaller portions

Over-sized dishes are not only the biggest reason for waste generation, but also they are not the best option for a lot of customers with smaller appetites. Smaller portions give customers the chance to try more dishes and alongside lower food wastage, they can improve your sales by a huge number. Bigger portions are usually best to be shared with others or a group of people and portion sizes should always be included in the menu.

Affordable prices and restaurant sales

Pricing your menu could highly depend on the location of your restaurant. If most of your customers are students, it’s obvious that your customer base couldn’t afford high-priced dishes. Knowing your customer base can help you to decide how high or how low you can price an item. Dishes shouldn’t give the feeling that they are cheap nor they are out of reach so it’s important to keep your eye on the prices.

Create combo meals

Combo meals are one of the best ways to attract new customers and keep the current customers. For making combo meals, you need to select your top-seller dishes and pair them up with each other. Always keep in mind that the portion sizes don’t get too big or the foods that you are mixing together match. A good example of the best food combo is burger and coke which has a lot of fans all around the world. Also depending on your region, trying new food combos could increase your sales largely.

The best way of increasing sales in your restaurant is to follow an action plan. Advertising and exciting specials are also another way to attract more customers and increase sales in your restaurant.

The best way to attract more customers to your restaurant is to have positive reviews from your current customers and a unique menu. More customer satisfaction is also another great way to increase the number of customers for your restaurant. Having a relaxing environment and polite staff is another way to attract new customers.

Quality. There is no other way than to have the top quality for your products to increase sales. Most of the famous restaurants are known for the quality of their food and the uniqueness of their business. If you want to increase your sales and outshine other competitors, try working on your quality of your products.


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