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When it comes to managing or starting up a restaurant business you need specific knowledge and equipment to run your business perfectly. One of the important pieces of equipment that are needed for your business is a Restaurant POS system. Usually, a POS system comes with a series of hardware and software which we’re going to explain further.

Restaurant POS system Hardware

POS hardware means the devices that a restaurant POS system uses to share and transform information with. DirectDay POS group has a selection of devices that are needed with restaurant POS systems. With modern design and strong processors fitted in their core, you can be assured that you’re choosing the right equipment.

Restaurant POS unit

DirectDay POS unit with both counter and customer-facing display built-in and available in 2 different models so you can be sure to handle any business.

Kitchen display device

DirectDay kitchen display panel with the ability to show incoming orders to make your job easier and without any mistakes. We are also transforming any changes or cancellations on orders instantly.

Waiter tablet

Smart 8” to 10” tablets are designed to make your work faster. Digital ordering and menus with food pictures in any language are just some of the perks of the DirectDay waiter tablet.

Restaurant POS system software

In order to use your devices, you need certain apps for them to function and these apps are the restaurant POS software that you need. DirectDay POS has 3 different apps that come with your POS unit and matches your other devices.


In this app, you can see your sales report and manage your orders and tables or change your menu with the admin panel that comes with your CounterApp.


Taking orders and having your menu on your device can save you time and effort. WaiterApp also allows you to have payment at tables and a multilingual menu option.


Organizing your orders and instant viewing them, are the best highlights of this app. Plus showing the changes or cancelations on items and orders is also done with KitchenApp.


Choosing the DirectDay POS system for restaurants has a handful of perks that can be a huge change for you and your business. Not only you can upgrade your business to be modern, but you can also bring up your quality and efficiency which leads to gaining more profit and income.


The last step is to simply choose a plan from our available plans and if you still need more information, you can contact us via email or number. There’s no worry because you can also try our free plan before deciding to purchase any item from the DirectDay POS group.

For your business

DirectDay pos group has available a selection of products and solutions for business owners to benefit their business.


Designed with two displays all in one! Smart and fast counter pos solution with customer facing display built-in. working with your pos system makes it more enjoyable.

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No more old ways! Tablets with digital menu, table management, and digital ordering. Sending orders and information to your pos.system makes the waiter’s job easier and faster so it leads to more efficiency.

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Don’t waste any time! Having the orders instantly on your kitchen display from your online pos system will save you a lot of time and brings up the product quality. No more papers, saving hundreds of trees yearly and helping the environment.

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Services that are available for business owners can both benefit customers and the business itself. Services for your customers and giving them options to connect with your business more efficiently and faster.


We design an elegant website to show your menus, photos of foods, online order, and booking system. You'll have access to a dashboard to change the prices or any other information instantly. All of these for only £1000.

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City Menu App

With our digital menu, your customers will see the menu items instantly without waiting for a printed menu. Menus can be multilanguage for foreign customers. Photos of foods and information about the ingredients and allergens will provide a unique experience and engagement.

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Payment solution

Made to make the payments easier by giving customers more options to pay for their services.

Card payment terminal

Supporting more payment solutions and online payments for more customer satisfaction.

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card payment terminal

Other products

DirectDay has also a selection of accessories and other devices which you can choose from.


Our thermal printers are small, efficient and low in paper- consumption. They come in 2 different colors: white and black so you can choose what you want. They are both wired and wireless and easy to set up.

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Cash register

Cash register tills for restaurants and other retail businesses. Easy to set up and use.

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Pocket tablet belt

Stylish pocket tablet belts will protect the devices and add more flexibility.

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Touch pen

Enjoy typing on your devices by our small but effective touch pens. They'll keep the devices clean and hygienic.

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