Food Trucks Popularity and 8 Types Of Them

Published on 04/05/2023


8 types of food trucks and their popularity

Food cars and Food trucks popularity has been around since the 50s and early 60s and they are a huge part of the food industry and restaurant business. Fast food trucks have been a huge hit since the beginning and with the mobility of the trucks they are easier to access for tourists and customers.

Food trucks’ popularity started growing in 2017 and they continued to expand all over the U.S. and other countries. They usually present simple and easy-to-make menus and delicious dishes.

Food truck restaurants

food truck restaurants
food truck restaurants

Compared to fast food trucks, food truck restaurants have more complicated menus and more quality on their dishes and they can serve more customers because of the size of their trucks. Food truck restaurants can carry more equipment and staff while having a section to store ingredients and keep them cool just like a walking freezer similar to a restaurant. After starting a small restaurant, Running a food truck as a side business for your restaurant can lead to a huge profit and could be an amazing advertisement for your dishes.

Types of Food trucks

There are a lot of food truck types and choosing the right type for your business can be a hard pick since there are lots of options to choose from. Based on the specialties of your menu and dishes, you can decide which food truck business you can own. Here are the most popular types of food trucks which you can pick from.

Fast food trucks

These kinds of food trucks are basically similar to fast food restaurants and most have similar dishes. They are one of the most popular food trucks because of the dishes that they offer. With the dishes being easy to make and faster to serve they are the best options for fast food-focused restaurants.

Vegan food trucks

Vegan food started to growing popularity in the food industry and it has a lot of fans around the world that enjoy this style of cooking. The dishes are simple and easy to make and they require less equipment compared to other cooking styles. These types of food trucks can be a hit for vegan restaurants. Everyone enjoys a little vegan snack every now and then!

Street food truck

Street food trucks usually deliver small portion dishes that are easy to eat while moving along. With less staff needed to run these trucks, they can be a huge helper for smaller businesses or start-ups in the food industry. Dishes are mostly snacks from all parts of the world so anyone can enjoy them or try the new dishes if they haven’t before.

Freshly caught seafood truck

These food trucks are most popular in the coastal areas and dishes are freshly caught sea foods. The point of a seafood truck is to have the ingredients fresh rather than frozen. The dishes are similar to a regular seafood restaurant so if you’re an expert in seafood cooking style, a seafood truck is the best option for you.

Gourmet burgers food truck

This type of food truck specialized in cooking all kinds of fresh burgers. With different recipes, they can make a huge menu of burgers to suit your taste! Burger food trucks are one of the most profitable kinds of food trucks and they are loved all around the world.

Hot dog stand

food truck stand
types of food trucks

Hot dog stands or hot dog food trucks are one of the most popular trucks in events or crowded places. Specialized in cooking the perfect hot dogs that are loved by basically everyone that loves fast food!

Community kitchen

This kind of cooking style only uses the ingredients that are provided in community markets and the dishes are well-known in the same community. This kind of food truck or food stand is popular among the people of a community and helps them to get closer to each other through the passion of cooking!

BBQ food trucks

BBQ food trucks are loved by a huge amount of people and mostly barbeque fans! These kinds of food trucks can have delicious menus that can gather lots of families to enjoy their food. The most famous dishes are briskets, ribs, and mac and cheese just similar to a regular BBQ-style restaurant.

Food truck brands

The food truck business has been growing a lot in the past few years and has become a huge part of the food industry. There are some kinds of food trucks that work as a brand and they mostly do not run any restaurants with their name. They are specialized in running a food truck business only and they pretty much work as a restaurant but on wheels!

Food trucks have been turned into a huge hit in the past years and the popularity of them has been increased all around the world. These are the Top 3 most famous food truck brands in the world Prestige food trucks, Upfitters, and ADG Custom Food Trucks and Food.

Food trucks have some amazing menus and dishes for everyone to enjoy. Basically, anyone can find their favorite meal while buying items from food trucks. But, there are some items that are much more popular like barbeque items which anyone would love a bite of it! Tacos are really popular all around the U.S. and they make the perfect dish for those who enjoy Mexican food. Lobster rolls are another popular dish that people love to eat while enjoying a relaxing beach day!

When it comes to running a food truck business, choosing a profitable item to sell can be tricky. One of the most profitable items that is loved by many is a grilled cheese sandwich. Simply, any food lover would enjoy a sandwich with melted cheese any time! A grilled cheese sandwich is an easy to make food with minimal equipment and ingredients.


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