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Trends in Restaurant Technologies that Improves Your Work

Published on 16/05/2023


7 Trends in Restaurant Technologies

Restaurant technologies have been growing in popularity in the food industry in the past few years. The restaurant industry traditionally has been slow when adopting technologies, but with the revelation of tech, they tried to adopt themselves in many ways.

Technology for restaurants helps them to improve the way they work. With the help of technology and hardware, the restaurant business has found a new door to the future of the food industry.

Food industry and restaurant technology

There are some devices and new technologies available for restaurants. Software and hardware are both a part of the new technologies that aid restaurants to shine among the others. We tried to gather some of the most useful technologies that are being used by most of the successful restaurants at the moment.

1. Online ordering services

An online ordering app is one of the best solutions for growing the popularity of your restaurant. Dining at a restaurant can be a time-consuming task to do, so online ordering apps come useful at such times. Annually the online ordering market globally makes around $130.2 billion and has been estimated to keep growing larger. Most of the customers prefer to order straight from their favorite restaurant so it’s obvious that if you have requests from customers, it’s time for an online ordering system for your business.

2. Contactless payments

payment solutions for restaurants

With the current growth of online ordering apps, contactless payments have been growing alongside them as well. Basically, contactless payments are get done by smartphones and other online devices by customers who use an online ordering app. Lower usage of cash makes the interactions easier for both parties and it’s much more comfortable compared to the old ways of payments. So if you’re still using cash payments, it’s time for starting up an online payment service for your customers.

3. Online table reservation systems

Another way besides calling for reservations is online table reservation systems. While a lot of restaurants still use phones to do reservations, online table reservation app transactions are mostly done by the customers themselves and they can choose which services they want and go through your menu and items to find their favorite dish that they going to enjoy at your restaurant. Also, restaurant managers can use this system to manage their tables and reservations to make their own job easier.

4. Digital kitchen display systems

best technology for restaurants

With all of the new ways of using technologies for restaurants, another useful technology for restaurants is currently at the highlight of trends: kitchen display system (KDS). A kitchen display system is a device that is linked to a POS system and transforms the orders straight from the front of the house to the back of the house without the need for your staff to go forward and backward. The kitchen display system shows each individual table and orders items to your kitchen staff which results in perfect and without-mistake service.

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5. Automated inventory management software

Automated inventory systems are used to control the food and beverage stock anytime you need to check them. One of the most useful tools for inventory and stock management has been getting a lot popular among restaurants. Automated inventory management systems also help you to track and control the amount of food waste too. With the information related to the amount of food wastage and the amount of food and beverage stock, you can lower the costs dramatically and avoid overstocking or food wastage.

6. QR codes in restaurant technologies

With digital menus replacing the old paper ones, it’s normal to update your restaurant with the technology. Your guests can scan QR codes to get access to your digital menu. This is a new and improved way of presenting the menu and it’s all done with smartphones and no paper needed. Digital menus are the best replacement for the old paper menus and if you still spending your dollars to replace your paper menus, it’s time to switch to digital menus and save yourself from unnecessary costs.

7. Electronic POS systems

It’s the age of technology and all of the businesses are trying to step up and upgrade themselves with the new technologies. Electronic POS systems are the new generation of the old POS systems and they are very much different from the old ones. A restaurant POS system is a key device that connects all of the digital equipment together. When running a service, your POS system mostly does everything that you need to get done: table reservations are done by the reservation app which you install on your POS system, digital menus can be edited by them, you can collect orders for each table or even takeout, orders get transferred to your kitchen display system (KDS) when linked to your POS system, and payments get done using your POS system.

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A POS system is the perfect example of restaurant technology. Electronic POS systems are one of the most popular pieces of equipment that a lot of restaurant owners use. With the help of POS systems, you can manage your restaurant on a different level compared to a restaurant that uses the old ways and that’s the difference between technology and traditional ways.

Restaurant technologies have only one purpose: making your job easier. Restaurant technologies are designed to do several things at once and compared to humans they do their job with much less mistakes with less time spent.

The newest piece of equipment that is used for collecting orders is called waiter tablets which are part of a POS system. With the help of the electronic POS systems you can enter the orders in your tablet and they instantly get sent to your POS which then gets ready for the next steps of the process.


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