About DirectDay company

About DirectDay

DirectDay is a small business that understands other small businesses. We specialize in affordable ePOS systems for food and drink as well as beauty businesses. We listen to business owners, we understand their needs and our team gives the best services to these business owners at the lowest prices possible. 

Advantages of Directday for businesses

We offer our services at the best prices so many business owners can use them easily and confidently.

  • Best prices
  • Absolutely no hidden charges
  • Free plan to get you started 
  • Multilanguage menus for Multilanguage restaurants and cafes
  • Free booking system
  • Reliable point-of-sale solution

Our values

DirectDay’s values are more than just words. They define what is important to us and guide how we approach our relationships and our business. These values drive individual and team efforts toward the best possible outcomes for our customers, colleagues, and partners.


We relentlessly pursue reinventing excellence, with a focus on open-mindedness, diversity, efficiency, and adaptation.


Our desire to do what we love is contagious and fuels our excitement to drive excellence with our people and our products.


Strong relationships – characterized by respect, trust, teamwork, and great communication – are critical for the quality and success of our people, our customers, and stakeholders.


We commit to listen, understand, and care for the unique needs, values, goals, and strengths of our customers and the people we work with.


Honesty, integrity, and a strong sense of ownership are at the heart of our commitment to individual and collective responsibility.

Want to join our team?

Working at DirectDay combines the family feel, fast pace, and passion of the restaurant industry with the innovation, perks, and flexibility of the tech industry. If interested, please send your resume to [email protected]

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