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Prime and Easy Steps to Start a Small Restaurant

Published on 25/05/2023


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How to start a small restaurant in 8 steps?

Opening a restaurant is one of the best jobs that every food lover has dreamed about at some point. Starting a small restaurant can be a hard job, but with the right plan and following the steps you can start your own restaurant without any problems.

We tried to make the perfect plan about how to open a restaurant with the easiest steps to follow. Starting strong is the key to a successful business and if you are eager to learn about how to open a small restaurant, simply follow the steps that we have gathered to have the most amazing start on your restaurant business.

Steps to Opening a successful small restaurant:

There are lots of tips and tricks that could help you to have the best start with your restaurant business. We have made a list of the most easiest and effective ways that we like to share with you!

Choose a restaurant-style and design

One of the most important things when starting a restaurant business is the style of your restaurant. The cooking style and design concept all depend on your ability and your sense of design. For example, if your favorite type of cooking is barbequing, you should definitely try opening a barbeque house or burger house and the same goes for the design concept of your restaurant. Using the right colors and furniture that you like gives your restaurant the soul that it needs although, hiring a talented designer is one of the best options too because they know better about the job and you can try sharing your opinions with them for a better result.

Start a small restaurant by creating a menu

The menu is the identity of your restaurant. Choosing the right items with reasonable prices would draw any food lover’s attention! Items shouldn’t be confusing to the customers and the ingredients should be written next to the items, and most importantly you shouldn’t lose your restaurant identity on your menu! For example, if you’re a fine dining restaurant you can’t put fast food items on your menu because it will be confusing for your customers to identify your style of cooking.

Restaurant funding

If you are starting a restaurant business or any other business is crucial to estimate the costs and the budget you currently have. A restaurant business contains the cost of equipment, staff salaries, building repairs, and licenses. The fund should be enough for one year in order for you to start a restaurant business and if you struggling with your current budget, you can try considering traditional commercial loans, investors, and small business loans. These sources can be a huge help for gathering the needed budget for starting up a small restaurant business and you can always get in touch with a financial advisor if you don’t know the tricks.

Choosing the Location

Choosing the location of your new restaurant depends on a few factors that you need to keep in mind. Visibility and accessibility are one of the most important factors. Customers should have no problem finding your restaurant and your signs or your restaurant should be completely visible to the customers. Labor cost is important when choosing a location because not only you can estimate the staff’s salaries, but you can also price your items based on that. Local competition is another important factor that you need to pay attention to. The location shouldn’t have any restaurant that competes with your idea.

Equipment and food supplier

When starting a restaurant business, it’s important to always start with the right and essential restaurant equipment. There is the usual equipment that every restaurant needs like refrigerators and freezers, stoves, and most importantly POS system. Depending on your menu, you need different kinds of tools to work with. For example, if you are running a pizzeria business you need pizza ovens or pizza dough mixers. A must-need tool in a restaurant is an EPOS system. Without one, working is difficult and you might miss the chance to have a smoothly running business.

Food suppliers mostly have nice deals with discounts or high-quality products. When trying to find the perfect food supplier, always look for the best quality and the most reasonable prices that you can get.

Starting a restaurant business can be pricy for the future owners and having the right equipment is necessary. DirectDay POS system always supports new owners! With the most reasonable prices and the perfect tools that you need in your restaurant. Try our Free-plan right now! And boost-start your business with the help of amazing E-POS systems provided by Directday POS group.

hiring the staff

The first people that you need to hire, are the managers. Running a freshly opened restaurant can be hard and time-consuming which is why you need managers to take control of each part. The management group is the general manager, kitchen manager, and front-of-house manager. Each one of the managers should be qualified for their job and know their way around the restaurant. The kitchen staff and waiters need to be properly trained in the right ways and always work by the rules. If you are running low on budget you can always hire trainees to work with your main staff. The kitchen staff is going to need a well-experienced head chef to carry the kitchen staff. The head chef should be able to work with your menu and have a creative mind to come up with new dishes when needed.

Advertising your new small restaurant

After you are all set with your new restaurant it’s time for advertising and getting the word out about your business. Showing off your menu and your amazing restaurant environment can attract your future customers. The best ways of advertising are creating a website, joining social media, yelp, and google my business.

Host an awesome opening

You’ve done it! You managed to come this far and now it’s time to meet your new customers. Go out there and get connected with people and make them feel at home. Promote your dishes with samples and make them want to come back for more!

With the proper business plan and motive. If you’re really motivated to open a restaurant you need to make yourself a plan and get started with your new restaurant.

First, you need to find the right location and get properly licensed. Then you need to design your interior and hire some staff. Most of the café interior designs are pretty casual and relaxing but you can go with any theme that you like. Making yourself a menu is the next step and the simpler the items, the better. Smaller portions and quality-focused items are really popular among the customers.

The average cost of opening a restaurant is $95.000 up to $2 million depending on how much you want to spend at the start. There are other cheaper options too like food trucks. The average range starts from $28.000 to $114.000 depending on which kind of business you want to start.


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