Tips for Waiters/waitresses to make their work expertly

Published on 28/04/2023


7 Tips and Tricks for Waiter or Waitress

One of the important factors of a well-succeeded restaurant business is the efficiency of the wait staff. We gathered the best tips for waiters and waitresses that will help you build up a better waiter staff and reach the required quality of serving.

Server books for Waiters and waitresses

One of the best tips for waiters and waitresses is to have a server book or server booklet. A server book can help your wait staff to have the receipts for each individual table and menu with them and even collect cash and store them in their server book. Server booklets are one of the crucial tools for wait staff and it’ll save them time throughout a service.

Waiting or waitressing tips for beginners

tips for waiters
tips for restaurant servers

Starting a waiting or waitressing job can be tricky and it requires some tips for beginners. This is a list of the most important things that you need to know for a strong start as a waiter or waitress.

Memorizing the steps of service

The first thing you need to practice is how that service works. Each restaurant has a different way of presenting service and memorizing the rules and steps while practicing each step in their order can help you to get comfortable with them sooner.

Knowing the menu and items

One of the tricks of being a good waiter or waitress is knowing the menu and the items that your restaurant offers. Each item has a different recipe and the wait staff’s job is to understand what the item is made of. While in service, customers would like to know their dish and the ingredients used for that dish. Waiters/waitresses should be able to memorize the ingredients for each individual dish and the items on the menu.

Getting comfortable with your POS system

A POS system is a must-have tool in restaurants and most likely each restaurant has a POS system these days. Working with a POS system is required for waiters/waitresses and they should know how to operate one. Learning how a POS system works is not a tough job to do all you need to know is the basics of a POS system and read the manual. Knowing how a POS system works is one of the important tips for waiters/waitresses.

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Learning your restaurant’s allergy protocol

One of the most important steps for a waiter is knowing the allergy protocols of the restaurant that they work in. Inexperienced waiters/waitresses can put their guest’s life in danger by serving them the wrong ingredient which is used to make their dish. To provide that from happening, waiters or waitresses should know the allergy protocols inside-out and also know what to do in that situation when it happens in a restaurant.

Dressing-up properly

The best tip about starting a waiter/waitress job is how to dress up for a service. If the restaurant has a certain uniform for the wait staff, waiters should only use that uniform during service but if the work environment is more casual waiters still need to be dressed up properly when they have guests present in the restaurant.

Getting a server booklet

Another tip for waiters or waitresses is to have a server booklet. The server booklet helps the wait staff to carry everything they need for a service in one small tool. The wait staff can carry menus and checks with them and even store cash in their booklet and it helps you to look even more classy!

Always having a pen

Starting a job as a waiter/waitress is all about memorizing and having a good memory, so remember to have your tools on you should be a piece of cake! Having a replacement for your daily-used tools can be an intelligent thing to do since you might lose them during service. Always carrying extra paper and pens can save you a lot of time.

How to be the best waiter or waitress

tips for restaurant waiter
restaurant waiter

There are a lot of tips and tricks for being the best waiter/waitress, but the most important thing to consider is how you treat your guest in a service. Serving your guests with a polite attitude and clean appearance are the best tips for waiters. Knowing your way around the job is also one of the most useful tips for being the best waiter. Knowing the tricks of doing your job as a waiter or waitress can give your guests the best experience dining at your restaurant.

Best ways to get orders as a server

Some tips and tricks about being an experienced waiter or waitress are about how you take orders from the guests. One of the best ways is using a POS system to do that. The first thing that a waiter or waitress should do, is to know how a POS system works in a restaurant. With the help of POS systems, you can take orders and deliver the items without any mistakes and mixing-up in orders which can be a huge factor in customer satisfaction. The way is simple! Just know how to operate a POS system and use your waiter tablet to present the menu and take orders from the guests.

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There are some simple conversations that every waiter/waitress should know while taking an order. The first thing that you need to do is greet the customers politely and welcome them to your restaurant. After that, you need to present the menu and if you have any specials for today you should memorize them and tell the ingredients. You should explain each starter, main course, and dessert so the guest can choose which one they like and then you can take the orders.

The most important qualities of a waiter/waitress are:

  • Active listening
  • Sharp memory
  • Positive attitude
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Teamwork skills

There are some tips and tricks needed for being a good waitress but the most important ones are customer service skills, the ability to work in a team, accepting criticism, and paying attention to details.

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